NOW is the TIME!

The Perfect Addition to Your Library

An easy read that will inspire you on the Power of Redemption… the Power of Forgiveness… the Power of the LORD.
Take the Journey to see how GOD can Bless you, if you become obedient to HIS WILL.  May this Book be a Light to what GOD can do.

Meet Author Anthony W. Buie

Anthony “A.W.” Buie  moved from Fairbanks, Alaska in 2012 to be closer to family.  A. W. is an ordained minister and deacon and served as President of the Louisville Suburban Rotary Club in 2016-17and President elect 2021-22, also a member of NABVETS (National Association For Black Veterans)  A.W. proudly served in the US Air Force for 22 years and served during Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm.  While serving he received the Vietnam Gallantry Cross and Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal.

 AW is also the visionary for the “Together We Stand Ministry” which brings awareness to homelessness across America  in the support of national relief efforts to end homelessness.  “Together We Stand” logo is registered in The Library of Congress. and the The emblem is displayed on the shelf at George W. Bush Presidential Library in Dallas, TX.  A.W. invites you to join him in “America standing together for a miracle of kindness 

Be Blessed

Standing Together for a Miracle of Kindness

Two of the most powerful symbols in America are the American Flag and the Christian Cross. This is Together We Stand Ministry logo that has copyright & registered in the Library of Congress. 

Our goal is to put God back in front of America. We are seeking people who still believe in God and country. We believe Americans will support the meaning of the Cross and the Flag to help the homeless. Many of the homeless are displaced, Veterans.


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